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A Mattress Should Last Your Lifetime.

Beds by Design wants to change the way you sleep forever. Obsessively handcrafted to old world standards with the finest natural fibers, we make the best sleep possible.

Amazingly Deep Sleep… Wake Fresh

Say goodbye to uncomfortable

body impressions.

We make mattresses that last!

Simply put, we thrive on making the longest  lasting and most comfortable  mattress on the market.

Making mattresses one at time, upon order means your mattress will not come to you after collecting dust in a warehouse for a questionable period of time. Once your order is placed, we purchase the wool for your bed from a family owned woolen mill in Michigan. The wool  arrives at our workshop in  Harbor Springs in a few days.  

Making a natural mattress is more than throwing a latex or foam core into a zippered cover and calling it natural or organic. We call that a cushion.  (There’s a reason why your back gets sore when you fall asleep on the couch.)  We consider our mattress with an inner spring, inner and outer hand tufting, use of natural rubber, wool and cotton to be the true natural mattress.  It is a labor of love for us.

Our philosophy is simple. We want you to love your mattress for your whole lifetime. This guides everything from the materials we select, to our choices to hand sew and hand tuft. We are proud of our craftsmanship and our honest commitment to your lifetime of comfort.
I never would have thought I would end up in beautiful Harbor Springs from where I grew up in Detroit. After the army, I wanted to continue college and my VA told me about a night job in a factory for a bedding company. I ended up spending twenty-five years managing several national brand mattress factories all over the county. I traveled to different cities for a few months up to a year to set up new or improve existing factory production. I loved it. I loved being on the floor with workers, trouble-shooting production, machines and making improvements. Then everything changed.

I watched investment groups buy out mattress companies, consolidate and begin competing to churn out chemical laden, poorly made foam based products. Mattresses that used to last for decades — now intentionally fell apart after a few years. Cutting corners, gimmicks and crazy mark ups followed suite.

I had to walk away.

In 2004, I started Beds by Design so I could stand behind my word. And now today, we have two locations in Michigan. We make the most comfortable mattress you will find and it honestly will be the last mattress you will have to buy.

We donate new beds to seriously ill children and youth in low and moderate income families through our partnership with local Michigan non profit charities.  Local churches and area non profits are encouraged to reach out to us as families become in need.  Since children fighting or recovering from an illness often spend more time in bed than their peers, a non-toxic, natural and supportive mattress is especially  important.

Our philosophy is simple. We make mattresses for you to love your whole life. There is actually very little that can go wrong with a Beds By Design mattress. We take pride in this fact and our warranty is clear and honest. We will fix any problem in workmanship or material defect for as long as you own your mattress. If you have any issue with your mattress, visit our Rochester or Harbor Springs location and we will fix it. No hassles, no fine print, no prorating. We hope you will appreciate that we do not allow stained materials in our workshop. A quality mattress protector to protect from any stains is the easiest way to care for your mattress as much as we do.
Because we make each mattress in our own workshop, one at a time, it is easy for us to open up your mattress and make it a little firmer or a little softer. We will gladly make one comfort adjustment with no labor cost to you to ensure your mattress is just right. Delivery charges may apply. We really do want you to love your mattress for the rest of your life. Even if you need a second comfort preference down the road, we are happy to do so for a nominal fee, generally 10% of your mattress price.

More reasons to love our mattress

  • Your mattress will be made, not “poured”
  • Natural materials last longer than foam and are healthier
  • Our mattresses are always two sided. Why buy half a mattress?
  • Quality inner steel springs last forever
  • High quality textile fabric covers
  • You buy direct at an honest price with no gimmicks or mark ups from middle sales
  • One free comfort adjustment, because we care about your comfort as much as you do.
  • A clear, honest lifetime warranty
  • Convenient delivery anywhere in the United States.

We love our customers.  Because we make each mattress one at time, we never mass produce.  You are never just a number to us.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have never slept better!” “Those are the words that we often hear when guests are checking out of our hotels following a night spent on a Pineapple Bed created at Beds By Design!”

David P Marvin, General Manager, Staffords Inn
We made the best investment in our cottage when we replaced all the 25+ year old mattresses with your moonbeam! Our children, grandchilden and guests raved about the good nights sleep they now get. It made for a wonderful Thanksgivng. The superior quality of your product will out last us! (our children thank you for that:) November 2011 Moonbeam, King, Queen, Full, Twin, Firm, Semi Firm, Soft

JCK, Moonbeam, king,firm, Queen semi-firm, Twin, soft
I bought your full size mattress from Edward’s Furniture store about 6 months ago and I still feel completely spoiled every time I lay down for the night. That mattress is incredible! I’ve been disappointed with the cheap quality and high prices of all of the standard mattress companies. Thank you for what you do – it makes a difference to a person’s life!!
L.M. August 2008 The Bed of Roses, Semi Firm
LM, Bed of Roses, Semi firm,


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